When was the last time you used your attic?

Loft space is often viewed as essential, an area to put all that wanted (but realistically unwanted) paraphernalia like old toys and books and items you just don’t use on a daily basis like you old guitar, food processor, etc.

But think of the potential an extra room can offer, not to mention the value it can add to your property. Perhaps you need an home office, somewhere for the kids to play, a snug, or a spare/guest bedroom. Converting existing space such as a loft is an affordable way to gain that extra space without the hassle and expense of moving home. In many cases, it’s also cheaper than building an extension.

While the attic may seem a little limited in size, don’t be out off by a loft conversion. With imagination and creativity, it can be turned into something that is practical, used every day and makes life a little easier.

Before you get started, it’s worth consulting with a professional or local authority to discuss planning requirements. Planning permission isn’t usually needed for internal works such as loft conversions, but if you live in a flat/maisonette, listed building or conservation area, full permission may be required.

One thing that is required of all conversions is their compliance with local Building Regulations, which will include structural stability, fire safety/resistance, ventilation, thermal/noise insulation, etc.

But don’t let this put you off, we can help with all the points raised here and act as the middleman between you and the relevant local authority offices.

We can also help with larger projects including the conversion of barns, churches and pubs into residential and commercial premises.

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